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November 27, 2015

Test drive our Applicant Tracking System free for 30 days!
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Welcome to HRsmart Professional Edition !

HRsmart Professional Edition provides companies worldwide with talent management technology systems.

Total Talent Management Solutions

Applicant Tracking System HUA

Applicant Tracking System HUA

Great companies, whether big or small, share one common characteristic—the need for quality, passionate people. And, finding the right people can be a great challenge. HRsmart Professional Edition web-based Applicant Tracking can help you attract, source, screen and hire the exceptional talent your managers are looking for.

System Admin user has full access to all of the application’s features and functionalities, including administrator functions to manage and maintain the system.

Recruiters (ATS Additional Users) are users who have access to all of the application’s features and functionalities with the exception of the Administrator functions.

Hiring Managers are users who may not be involved in the full recruitment process and therefore only need limited system access.

> Click here for more information on the ATS system

Employee Performance Management

Employee Performance Management

Automate your performance management process with a Performance Management System. This innovative solution eases the function of aligning organizational goals with staff goals, and enables continuous feedback between employees and their manager to help further employee development. Transform your existing performance appraisal form into a powerful performance management solution, or use our "strategy-based" solution derived from best practices. Put performance first today with a Employee Performance Management System.

EPM Set-Up Information

  • The site set-up will include one (1) System Admin user.
  • # of Additional Users is $4.00 each
  • EPM users have system access based on their specific role-- System Admin, a Manager or Employee.
> Click here for more information on the EPM system

Talent Management Suite

Talent Management Suite

Evolve your organization's talent management process with HRsmart's Talent Management Solution, encompassing the entire employee life cycle from hire to retire. > Click here for more information on the full_suite system

Purchase HRsmart Professional Edition's Total Talent Management Solutions which include both ATS & EPM, working together on a unified platform.

Total Talent Management difference

  • Intuitively designed, feature-rich applications
  • Flexible applications to fit your needs
  • Rapid implementation
  • Stable, reliable technology
  • Unsurpassed customer service
  • Competitive pricing and measurable ROI

Total Talent Management extras



  • Assessments
    # of Job Fit and Attitude Fit Assessments at $30.00 each.
    An application assessment provides guidance regarding the potential compatibility issues of a potential candidate.
  • Background Check
    # of Background Checks at $12.95 each.
    Run a criminal background check report on any candidate and get real-time results!
  • HRS Quick Search
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    Integration Features 168
  • HRS Entry Level
    Integration Overview 169
    Integration Features 169
  • HRS Mid Level Package
    Integration Overview 170
    Integration Features 170
  • HRS Management Package
    Integration Overview 171
    Integration Features 171
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With HRsmart Professional Edition, small- to mid-size companies can have access to the robust talent management suite for a low monthly fee. The 30-day free trial will let you see how Site/Company Name can save you time and money with best-in-class solutions for your HR needs.
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